Flowery dresses on Sunday II

Summer is just around the corner, and I am taking in as much of this spring weather as I can. As usual, Sundays are for flowery dresses over here. Last Thursday, our local TJ Maxx opened for the first time since mid-March when the lockdown started. We thought we were the only ones who knew since we did not see the news of the reopening online, but had got the information from an insider. The store was to open at 10 am and we arrived about 30 minutes early. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how long the line was as it snaked its way past two of the neighboring stores and beyond. It turned out it was mentioned on the news, and we do not watch cable television. It was close to 11 am when we managed to get in and the excitement had waned off from waiting it out in the rain.

The whole store was on sale and I managed to get two dresses, one of them is the one I am wearing today. This is all thanks to the $40 I had managed to accumulate in reward certificates in the last two months. Wandering around in discount stores like TJ looking for the things I do not need is one of my favorite pastimes. The deals I often find there are unparalleled.

You can find the same dress here

I paired today's dress with black strappy heels and a black handbag to compliment the navy blue flowers that adorn this lovely asymmetrical piece. This could work for a lunch date, and of course, as a Sunday's best outfit for church.

I hope you had the most wonderful Sunday,

Honestly Lo

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