Get rid of body odor! Tips on how smell good.

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

My mother instilled in me the values of cleanliness, and I still live by them to this very day. I have always wanted to live in a clean environment that smells great. Everything that I put onto my body has to have a pleasant but light scent. I love feeling good, and I try to use less perfume as a sign of respect for those around me. Not everyone will like the same scent as I do, and I think its always good to be considerate.

I have come up with various ways, big and small, to help you smell great. You do not have to do everything suggested here; find things that you think will work for you. Most of these tips are no brainers, and you already do most of the things suggested here. I do hope you will find something worth incorporating into your daily routine. I am not a trained professional in matters of health and nutrition, and you will have to consult your physician if you want to make drastic changes to your diet to get rid of body odor. These are things I have tried and they have worked for me.

Take showers often

This neds no in-depth explanation. Showering your body will get rid of most body odors, for instance, in your armpits and genital areas. It is the first step in your quest to smell good. Make use of lightly scented body washes that will not clash with the other scents you may use later on in your routine.

Use scented shower gel/soap

These days there are so many products in the market, and one can be overwhelmed with so many choices. It is best to look for lightly scented body washing liquids that are moisturizing and have very few or no potentially harmful ingredients.

Try body toners

Like facial toners, body toners (preferably acidic) can help deeply cleanse your skin, and they can help lessen the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Use body mists

I have loved using body mist since I was in college. It is good to spray right after showering, and depending on the strength of your mist's scent; you may not need to use any perfumes, especially if you are spending the day at home or just running errands.

Use scented body lotion

Most body lotions do not have lasting scents, which is great for my routine since I want to apply deodorants afterward. Therefore, I would encourage getting light or unscented lotions if you're going to add other scented products. However, just like the mist, a strongly scented lotion may work as the main scented product in your routine, and you won't have to apply perfumes.

Wash your hair often

With long hair, there is oil buildup, sweat, and limited air circulation, which makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, you can wash your hair maybe twice or thrice a week. You know the frequency that is best for you, just make sure you are always the lookout for odors coming from up there.

Use shampoo

Shampoos can make your hair smell lovely, albeit for short periods. Therefore, constant upkeep may be necessary if you feel your hair is no longer smelling very nice.

Try dry shampoo

Instead of washing your hair often, you make also make use of dry shampoos. Some have lovely scents, and that can help with hair odors.

Use hair oil/spray

Hair spray and oils also give a subtle scent to your hair. I use argan oil for my tiny hairs, and my head always smells great

Change/wash your wig

whenever you wear a wig, your head sweats, and there is no breathing room for your scalp. Therefore, changing and shampooing the wig often can help limit the growth of bacteria on your scalp. Also, washing your hair in between can help lessen the itchiness and bad odor.

Shave your armpits

Shaving your armpits can be an excellent way to allow for a deep cleanse when you wash that area. The absence of hair reduces the surface area for bacterial growth and can save you a lot of time when showering. If you choose to have hairs, then make sure you give the armpits a thorough cleaning to ensure there is no sweat and residue stuck to the hair.

Apply antiperspirant deodorants

I love having dry armpits, and I use two different antiperspirant deodorants, one for work and one for when I am at home. I am looking for an effective natural roll-on deodorant for work. These days there are a lot of natural alternatives in stores that may work for you, I haven't found a good one just yet.

Apply antiperspirants right after a shower

To ensure that I am applying my antiperspirant deodorant on a cleaner surface. I apply right after taking a shower. I try to avoid using on top of sweaty armpits, and I have found that applying right after showering makes me smell fresh for long.

Know when to reapply

There are particular instances when I have presentations towards the end of the day, or have social gatherings to attend at that time. In that case, I can reapply my deodorant and make sure to clean up thoroughly as soon as I get home.

Use perfumes

I am very prone to bad migraine headaches, and I try not to use heavily scented perfumes. Using perfumes is an excellent way to smell good. However, when going to work, I would proceed with caution and use light scents or nothing at all because its most certain some of your colleagues will not like it. You can use strong perfumes for an evening out when you do not have to be around large groups of people and for a long time enough to give others a headache.

Layer your scents

You can also layer your scents for when you want to smell unique. So, maybe find two perfumes you like that greatly complement each other and create a signature scent that is unique to you.

Store perfumes correctly

The storage of perfumes is crucial, and it is something I never use to worry about until recently. I realized that storing my perfumes in direct sunlight made then scent not to last long. Upon doing some research, I learned that it is always good to store perfumes in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Since making those changes, I have seen an enormous difference in the longevity of my scents.

Brush your teeth at least three times a day

Brushing teeth is a fundamental tip here, together with taking showers, but with work schedules, not so many people clean their teeth as often as they should. However, always make it a habit to brush your teeth first thing in the morning and when you are going to bed to help with bad breath. If time and location allow, brush after every meal, or follow instructions from your dentist.

Floss daily

Like brushing teeth, floss daily to dislodge food from in between your teeth to lessen the growth of bacteria that may cause bad breath.

Use mouth wash

Oral rinses are a brilliant way to make sure you get rid of odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. I have found that mouthwash with less alcohol is nondrying, and they work best.

Have mints and gum on the go

It is challenging to spend the whole day without eating something that may cause bad breath or having your breath just go bad for whatever reason. Having mints and gum is the best way to freshen on the go, be it on your way to a meeting or catching up with friends.

Some of my favorite products

Wash your clothes

With busy work schedules, there is barely enough time to do laundry often. Therefore, you have to make the time for it and make sure your clothes are clean. Avoid wearing your clothes several times without washing, especially if you sweat a lot, and you want to smell fresh. You can repeat wear jeans since you also do not want to wash them very often, but with things likes tops, socks, and underwear, always change into clean ones.

Use in-wash scent boosters

In-wash scent boosters help boost the scent on your clothes. I use unscented laundry detergent, and I can control the strength of my laundry scents by using scent boosters as I see fit. It may be something to look into in you do not like the smell of laundry detergents out there.

Use stronger detergents for gym clothes

In my experience, gym clothes smell the worst, especially if you forget to take them out of your gym bag. To get rid of the foul smells that come with sweating in these clothes for an hour working out, I use sports detergents, and they are stronger enough to get rid of the bad smells.

Buy clothes made of fabrics that breathe

You should try to get clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton or fabric that allow for air to pass through. Otherwise, wearing materials that do not allow for your skin to breathe means that your skin will be wet for long, and this is the right environment for bacterial growth, which can lead to body odors.

Use fabric freshener

I love fabric freshers, especially in spray form. I use them on my bedding, curtains, couches, carpets, and my clothes. They help get rid of odors and can make your clothes smell so fresh to a point where you may not need to use perfumes often.

Use scented candles

Scented candles can help your home smell good, and that smell can be transferred to your clothing or anything that is in your home. As a result, they can help you smell great even without you having applied deodorants.

Carry a pouch with freshening supplies

Always have an emergency kit with your freshening products. You can add your miniature perfume bottles, wet wipes, gum, and mints for use on the go. I never leave the house without one.

Use car air fresheners

This is an excellent way to freshen up, especially if you smoke in your car or if you use it for Uber. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you can end up taking on the smell of the car, and car air fresheners can help you smell better, for those times when you meet up with friends after your commute.

Use wet wipes

Wet wipes are my favorite, especially if they are unscented and flushable. You can use them to remove sweat from your neck and armpits and freshen up after using the bathroom. They are the ultimate odor defense mechanism on the go.

Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of water is good for so many reasons, but here water can help flush out potential odor-causing toxins from your body, in addition to all the other health benefits we all know.

In the end, do what you love. You know your body chemistry more than most people. Also, you may not even need these tips or the additional steps that some may need to smell great, so take what you may. I hope you will find some of these tips helpful, and if you need some additional suggestions, you can check my YouTube video.

With so much love,

Honestly Lo

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