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Besides my love for science, I am passionate about interior design. I spend countless hours scouring interior designing websites and books just to get inspiration. I love being surrounded by beautiful and comfortable things. My surroundings are one of the main things that give me motivation and inspire me to accomplish all sorts of things. I already know how I am going to design my house to the very last detail, for that time when I win the lottery. Whenever I get into someone's house, I start planning which walls to tear down, what color I would paint the walls and cabinets, what kind of wallpaper I would use, and where I would place the fireplace in relation to the position of the couch. In the kitchen, I think of how I would arrange the cabinets, where the sink would go, what type of marble will occupy the backsplash, and the color of the french Lacanche range I would use. The next time you see me in your house, just know my brain will be racing, rearranging your rooms. That is how much I love design.

Sometime last year, I was talking to a high school friend who is currently building a house and has three girls. I do not remember how the conversation ended. I was already thinking of how I would design the girl's bedrooms if they were mine. Yes, I am a scatterbrain like that. I think of all sorts of things in a very short period. As a result, I am not such a good listener, because once I am presented with a story or problem, I think of all the possible outcomes right there. Since then, I have scoured the internet trying to figure out how I would design a girl's bedroom. I wanted to go all pink, but I ended up going the lilac route, and I loved what I came up with. I know if a professional designer would take a look at my proposed design, they would change so many things. But the whole point of designing a room is to have things that you love surround you and arrange them in a way that makes you happy, and the proposed design below did just that.

You can click on the name of each item below and you will be directed to the store.

Wall paper - the gold and white wallpaper behind the bed is my favorite feature here. It adds a little bit of sophistication to the room and brings some depth to the walls instead of having them in a plain color. It can also act as a feature wall, something that will draw your eyes the moment you enter this room

Bedside tables - the bedside tables are gorgeous and I am short for words to describe how beautiful they are. The brass handles at the front are just the icing to the cake. I am even thinking of buying them, for which room, I do not know yet.

Bedside lamps - I need so much light in order to see at night when I read on my Kobo before sleeping. So I have always had two bedside lamps, and the glass and brass detail on these lamps is second to none.

Ballerina art - I have always admired ballerinas and I find them to be the very image of resilience and strength. It takes a lot of work and determination, and the end result, particularly in classic ballet, is something graceful and whimsical. So I chose this art to remind whoever will inhabit this room of the unparalleled power of determination.

Faux flowers - I would not expect a young girl to tend to live flowers, or for them to last a week without the water being spilled into the carpet. So faux flowers will be my go-to for a girl's room

Standing mirror - Who doesn't want to look at themselves in the mirror, especially after dressing up or when reciting those daily positive affirmations most people are doing these days. I find a standing mirror like this or one that can be screwed to the wall for safety, to be the best options. The ornate detail on this mirror is just to die for.

Clothing rack - This rack is perfect for hanging those full princess dresses your girl may be into at a young age. You can use them for decoration and even without anything on it, the rack is a design masterpiece on itself and brings in some French country feels to the room

Desk - Growing up, I wished I had a desk to spread out all my books when I do my homework. I would encourage anyone designing a girl's room to give them some work surface in the form of a desk. They can use this space for homework and for arts and crafts.

Duck feet mirror - This mirror is beautiful and can come in handy when you are doing your girl's hair whilst they sit down on the vanity stool shown here or on the chair.

Gold basket - if you have a young girl you would know that the aforementioned princess dresses can be changed five-six times per day, depending on their mood. So its always great to have an open basket in which they can throw almost anything. This is crucial for maintaining order.

Curtains - There is always a need for curtains to filter the light and give some form of privacy to your young girl. These white curtains here are airy and light, which is what you need for a young girl's room.

Rug - This pink rug is perfect for this room. In the morning it is a good idea for those tiny feet to step onto something soft and warm.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to design your bedrooms. Design with whatever you have, and transform your bedroom into a place of refuge that sparks joy every time you enter.

With so much love,

Honestly Lo

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