Simple summer outfit

Lately, the heat had been totally unbearable and such weather calls for strappy dresses that allow for air to flow through helping you to cool down. It is also easy to wipe away sweat and reapply deodorant when need be. I recently found this strappy dress that I have worn three times already and I am in love. I usually style it with just white sandals and I add on a straw hat to protect my face from the fun.

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Recently I spent a day at a nearby farm with friends eating tons of ice cream and feeding goats. I wore this dress and since it is made of 100% cotton, I felt super comfortable all day. I felt dry the whole time and there were no sweat maps on my back or under my armpits. I just made sure I slathered sunscreen on my exposed skin to protect myself from sun damage since I spent the whole day outdoors.

I have tried to simplify the way I dress so as to save time and to look effortlessly chic and put together. I will be back with more simple and affordable outfit ideas to share with you. To view some of my favorite summer dresses, you can watch my youtube video here. This video is also linked at the end of this post.

Stay safe!

Honestly Lo

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