Summer 2020: Beach essentials

Who doesn't love a relaxing day at the beach? I live for those days when I do not have to do any work and I cam heard to Plymouth or Crane beach and get to enjoy myself at the beach. I am not much of a swimmer, I mean, I cannot swim. Therefore, I go to the beach to just spend a day with friends chatting and reading a good book, and of course, take some photos.

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Here are a few of my must-have essentials. I need a cute basket bag to put my cell phone, Kobo e-reader, car keys, and the likes. This one here can be found on Amazon and its quite affordable. Not only can you use this bag for the beach, but you can also use it to run errands on a weekend and would look amazing paired with a crisp white shirt dress and wedged sandals with an earthy color tone.

Last week we decided to replace our Dicks camping chairs with a pair of white stripped Martha Stewart's beach chairs and they are similar to the ones linked here. They look divine and I cannot wait to try them out. My other favorite essential is the cooler bag and this one is gorgeous, and the best bag for your cooled beverages such as seltzer water and fruit juices for the kids.

I would not go anywhere without my sunscreen and the sun-brella. They are a must-have to protect you from the sun and prevent those early signs of skin aging. Lastly, given the nature of the world we are living in right now, I will definitely be carrying masks around to protect myself and those around me, and of course, a bottle of hand sanitizer is now a daily essential I carry everywhere I go.

I hope you will stay safe at the beach this year wherever where you are, be it during the summer in Cape Town or in Rhode Island, you can never be too careful.

Best wishes,

Honestly Lo

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