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Flowers and plants make me happy. Growing up my mom had flowers at the back of the house and we had one green vase we used to put flowers from her flower patch and decorate our humble abode. Now that I am older and I have a place of my own, I always have flowers, be it real or faux. Real flowers tend to be very expensive. For those days when I cannot afford to snatch a gorgeous bouquet from Trader Joe's, I always have my faux ones to fall back on. I love decorating with flowers, but lately, I have realized my vases need to be replaced. I have been on the hunt for new vases to use on those days when I have real flowers to decorate my office, kitchen, or living room. I also need one for my succulent, and the gold one is perfect for that. I have scoured various websites online and the following are on my wish list.

To get to the website selling these vases, click the numbers here

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Vases are a perfect way to appreciate your loved ones. If those who are close to you are into flowers, you could give then a cute vase as a gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding day, or as a graduation day present. You can also gift vases just to appreciate those who have been there for your through thick and thin.

I hope this inspires you to decorate your living space with whatever you have. Go ahead and pick some wildflowers and toss them in a water pitcher and put them in your kitchen, or ask a neighbor for a few branches of greenery or flowers, put them in an empty bottle and place them on your coffee table. Decorating your house with flowers doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. Get creative and use what is available to you.

With so much love,

Honestly Lo

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